Saturday, 21 July 2018

Reflections: Active Listening

Last week we had seminars after a lecture for presessional students to experience what to expect on their main courses. They brought their notes from the lecture and were encouraged to discuss the lecture with question prompts to react to. 

There was clear evidence that the students had taken notes and had assimilated some of the content. They also made an effort to respond to the questions, and to use their notes to refer to. They participated and there was some interaction.

However, participation in the seminar varied from pre-prepared 'reading' with little or no reference either to the questions proposed or in response to ideas proposed, to some evidence of interaction but this was minimal and certainly not sustained.

Reflecting on what happened highlighted the need for more practice as this was the students first experience of participating in a seminar. I think it also highlighted the need for lessening support in terms of the question prompts - maybe letting them come to next seminar with their own ideas for discussion after reviewing their notes and only offering question prompts if necessary to try for a more authentic experience with student-generated content. 

In terms of the minimal or lack of interaction, I felt they needed more support.

Having identified what was needed next, I found a short YouTube video
 on Active Listening  linked to MindTools website with more information and used this as listening and reading note-taking practice in the next lesson.  

These visualisations are what the students produced in the next lesson after the listening & reading input and I hope they are what will inform their speaking skills (and mine!).


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