Friday, 20 April 2018

#IATEFL Day 4 Friday 13 April

Teacher Training in the 21st Century - Is CELTA still relevant? Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison started her session by stating her research  aim: to ensure CELTA remains fit for purpose now and in the future - a great aim and a great session.  

Changes to the CELTA syllabus:
Topic 4

Topic 5

Topic 1

(CELTA Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines 5th Edition)

12:05 You're Watching Them - Who's Watching You? Reflecting on Feedback Jo Gakonga

Another great session. Jo shared her research with us by example, using audio to reflect on practice - specifically recording herself giving a trainee feedback after teaching practice. Using a mobile phone to record yourself giving feedback and then when reflecting, Jo recommends listening once, listening again and transcribing. Her interactive session can be found on her website: ELT

12:50 That was the final session of the Brighton #IATEFL2018 conference. My first IATEFL conference, and what an amazing experience it was.

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