Wednesday, 5 April 2017

#IATEFL2017 Infographic Summary of Plenary Session by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

I've decided to practise what I preach - 5 reasons to use Infographics - and continue developing my digital literacies by using infographics as a tool to post some summaries on #IATEFL2017 sessions as an IATEFL 2017 registered blogger.

This is my infographic which attempts to summarise Gabriel Diaz Maggioli's plenary session: Empowering Teachers Through Continued Professional Development: Frameworks, Practices & Promises

Empoweringteacher development by Fiona Price

If you haven't already, I really recommend watching this empowering plenary which includes lots of practical ideas - colleagues helping colleagues - for in-house PD within a differentiated framework:


 Visit IATEFL Online for details on the plenary session by Gabriel Diaz Maggioli and to see the supporting plenary documentation with illustrations by LucĂ­a Pascal.


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