Sunday, 12 April 2015

Using Padlet to Promote Digital Conversation

I'm writing this post in preparation for the IATEFL LTSIG PCE Afternoon Showcase: Round Three in Manchester on Friday 10 April in order to provide information about my practical presentation - Using Padlet to Promote Digital Conversation - for those that miss it, and for participants to refer back to.

In a previous post - Adding Another Dimension to the Classroom with Digital Conversations, I expressed my interest in exploring the potential of this idea and in experimenting with other tools in order to facilitate digital conversations in the classroom. 

My 30-minute presentation will be in two parts:
Part 1

Participants in Part 1 will be attending the IATEFL PCE LTSIG in Manchester and can participate synchronously in the digital conversation in real time within a shared context by accessing Part 1 on Twitter - @iatefl_ltsig #iatefl  #ltsig or on the LTSIG Facebook page, or the Padlet Part 1link can be emailed.

Participants in Part 2 may or may not be attending the Afternoon Showcase: Round Three and can participate synchronously - in real time with participants present at the session for the last 10 minutes of the presentation, or within a wider context asynchronously - at a later time with participants in different places, by accessing Part 2 on Twitter - @iatefl_ltsig #iatefl #ltsig or on the LTSIG Facebook page.

I hope my presentation will be of interest to others and will enable me to explore the potential of digital conversations through experiential practice:

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