Sunday, 16 November 2014

Adding Another Dimension to the Classroom with Digital Conversations

Checking Twitter on the bus going to work on Friday, I read Mark Anderson's blog post: Ways to use technology to support questioning in the classroom:

Padlet is one of my favourite tools and I've used it successfully in a variety of ways: as a welcome / introductions page, to share recommendations / links - film trailers, books.... but this suggested using Padlet as a live response tool in class - an inspired idea.  

I decided to put it into practice that morning and sent all my C1 class a Padlet link.  I didn't actually use it to explore questioning, but instead used it to support what I'd already planned to do in my lesson.  It worked really well and clearly enhanced learning by maximising participation - all groups were submitting answers and could check everyone else's - widening support and creating a more student centred approach.  

The students seemed to really enjoy it too as it added another dimension.  Two students were absent but had been sent the link so could potentially see what was happening in the classroom in real time.  

Today I read another related blog post on giving students an open platform and increasing engagement in the classroom by Hope Morely - How to use Backchannels in the Classroom:

I look forward to exploring the potential of this in terms of questioning and differentiation, and creating a live link for digital conversations in the classroom will definitely be part of my teaching toolkit and have a place in my lessons from now on.

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